The Education Industry in South Korea


Education industry in South Korea greatly fuels the dissemination of South Korean cultures. the nation works hard to improve the educational system so as to provide a better environment for the inheritance and development of South Korean culture. Not only because people would able to learn about South Korean cultures from accepting education, but also they can obtain personal development and improve their skills so as to better inherit, disseminate, and develop South Korean culture.



The government of South Korea has spent great efforts to improve and develop the educational systems for years. In fact, there are thousands of educational institutions in South Korea. Specifically, Seoul National University takes up the fourth place among the Asian universities and colleges. In particular, traditional culture of South Korea is included in the daily course for the university students. For instance, foreign students are able to get the chances to know more about South Korean cultures and traditions through their learning in Seoul National University. In the meanwhile, domestic students can learn more ways to present their own cultures to their foreign classmates. In addition, YonSel University and Korea University are one of the best schools in Asia.


The three universities are called S.K.Y in South Korea, which indicates that this three universities hold up the sky for Korean education. In fact, South Korean culture is included in the significance courses of the three universities.



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