Marketing Strategies of Cosmetic Industry in South Korea

There is no doubt that beauty and cosmetic cultures take up a very significant position in the South Korean society. Most Koreans pay high attention to their external beauty and skincare issues. In other words, cosmetic industry has become one of the most economic-supporting industries in South Korea. As a consequence, it is important for the cosmetic industry to design and adopt appropriate marketing strategies to expand the scale and obtain sustainable development.


The cosmetic industry of South Korea pays high attention to the price strategy. In the cosmetics market, European and American brands occupy a great percentage of market shares. A great number of global customers will choose to purchase cosmetic products from European and American brands. However, the prices of those brands are usually very high. As a consequence, the cosmetic industry of South Korea set a much lower price of the cosmetic products. For instance, it usually takes about 105,500 KRW to purchase a night cream of French brand (such as Lancome) while it only takes 52,594 KRW to purchase a night cream of South Korean brand. Undoubtedly, the low prices of cosmetic products can effective attract a greater number of global customers.


The cosmetic manufacturers of South Korea usually invest a great amount of money to promote the brand images. In particular, those manufactures will spend a great amount of money to invite South Korean artists and celebrities to disseminate the brands. Most customers will be affected by those artists and celebrities’ promotions. In the end, the sales volume of brands will greatly increase.


Tourism in South Korea Gains Increasingly Popularity in the World

In recent years, tourism in South Korea has been increasingly accepted by people all around the world. Along with the vast dissemination of South Korean culture, an increasing number of people view South Korea as their choices for travelling. In 2010, there were approximately 8.5 million foreign visitors travelling to South Korea. In the year of 2012, about 11.1 oversea visitors came to visit South Korea. As a consequence, South Korea became the 20th most visited nation in the globe. As a matter of fact, the majority of non-Korean visitors are from China, Hong Kong, Taiwan, and Japan. Korean wave is widely disseminated in those areas and countries. As a consequence, the tourist arrivals from those areas and countries have greatly increased.


There are a great number of tourist destinations for visitors in South Korea. In particular, Seoul is the principal tourist destinations for global visitors. Specifically, Gyeongbok Gung, Deoksugung Palace, Changdokkung, Changgyeonggung Palace, Namsan Tower, Myeong-Dong, Dongdaemun, and the National Museum of Korea. Meanwhile, there are many popular tourist destinations outside of Seoul, such as the historical city of Gyeongju, Seorak-san national part, and subtropical Jeju Island. In particular, the foreign visitors are able to enjoy the beauty of nature in Jeju Island. Specifically, the highest mountain of South Korea Hallasan is in Jeju Island.


In fact, there are ten world heritage sites in South Korea, including nine cultural heritage sites and one natural heritage site. For instance, Jongmyo, Haeinsa, the Buddhist Temple and Shi Ku (1995), Hwaseong and Changdokkung (1997) are those heritage sites.


G-Dragon’s Fashion Style — a Great Hit

South Korean fashion takes up a very significant place in the world’s fashion industry. In fact, South Korean artists positively fuel the development of South Korean fashion all around the globe. In particular, K-pop singer G-Dragon’s fashion style serves as a great hit in the Asia area. A great number of people love and imitate G-Dragon’s fashion style.


As a K-pop singer, Kwon Ji Yong (G-Dragon) owns a large number of fans all around the world. Specifically, Chinese fans take up a great percentage of all G-Dragon’s fans. G-Dragon forms his unique fashion style and shows it when shooting music videos and attending special events. Speaking of G-Dragon’s fashion style, he loves to wear ornaments with an exaggerated design. Also, sporty caps and sneakers are his favorite fashion items. Most importantly, G-Dragon’s hair style serves as the most impressive aspect of his unique fashion style. As a matter of fact, G-Dragon’s unique hair styles are frequently commended by fashion stylists, designers, bloggers, and magazines. Specifically, the dissemination of media drives the growing popularity of G-Dragon’s unique fashion style.


There is no doubt that an increasing number of people come to know about some unknown fashion brands when chasing G-Dragon’s fashion style, such as Saint Laurent Pairs,  Givenchy, HBA, KTZ, Thom Browne, and Chrome Hearts. These brands have experienced a rapid increase of fashion items sales. Meanwhile, G-Dragon’s fashion style helps South Korean fashion to improve its position in the world’s fashion industry.

G-Dragon Graphic PrintG_Dragon_style_2013_Saint_Laurent_Fall_Winter_2 g-dragon-cardigan-2

Professional Bloggers in the South Korea

In South Korea, the cosmetic and beauty industries develop rapidly in the recent decades. The above industries have made great contributions to the economic growth in the South Korea. An increasing number of individuals choose to work as beauty bloggers because they can easily earn money from it.

Screen Shot 2013-03-19 at 1.24.02 AM

Since the Web 2.0 era has emerged, digital technology has experienced rapid improvement. With the improved digital technology, social media gradually become one of the most common media of people’s daily media consumption. As a consequence, more and more young girls become the users of web blogs. Specifically, those girls show great interests in make up, skin care, and other beauty issues.


The bloggers usually upload posts in their blogs. For instance, the beauty bloggers will post make up tutorial via their web blogs. Pictures and videos will be uploaded to attract more viewers. Also, they will share their skin care advice as well as make up tips to the viewers. Moreover, they will recommend beauty products and services to the viewers. A great number of cosmetic corporations will seek cooperation from those beauty bloggers. The cosmetic corporations require the beauty bloggers to recommend, promote, and sell their own products via the web blog posts. Most beauty bloggers are able to earn money from the advertisements and other cooperation.


K-fashion Project Frequently Holds Events Oversea

maxresdefaultIn recent years, K-fashion (South Korean fashion) has experienced rapid development, which possibly improves its status in the world’s fashion industry. In order to develop and promote K-fashion, a professional organization K-fashion project was established in the year of 2012. K-fashion project aims to promote K-fashion to the whole world by hosting oversea fashion events, such as runways, fashion parties, and evening banquets. Designs and concepts of K-fashion can be PROMOTED to the whole world. In addition, those events can attract global buyers to hire K-fashion designers and purchase K-fashion products.


In order to promote K-fashion globally and effectively, K-fashion project frequently hosts fashion events around the world. In 2012, K-fashion project successfully held the K-fashion Sensation Activity in New York. Specifically, local fashion brands of South Korea were introduced to buyers and magazines in this activity. In 2013, K-fashion Project participated in the trade exhibition ENK’s Intermezzo and it successfully sought cooperation from oversea fashion corporations. Therefore, the global status of South Korean fashion brands was greatly improved. On November, 2014, K-fashion Project hosted runway show for South Korean brands in Shanghai. Also, K-fashion Project invited a famous stylist Patricia Field. Field worked as the cultural ambassador and style director.


As a whole, it is important for the K-fashion Project to apply new concepts in South Korea’s fashion designs and products. In the meanwhile, the propaganda work is significant to K-fashion Project. Specifically, global fashion events should be held more frequently.brands

Online Cyber Game — a Bridge Connecting South Korean and Chinese

225055179There is no doubt that cultural integration and communication are greatly enhanced along with the expansion of globalization. Literatures, films, music, and dramas generally serve as the traditional carriers of communication as well as cultural dissemination.500px-WCG-Logo-2008-Black

Nowadays, online Cyber games have gradually become as common carriers for cultural dissemination and communication. In fact, some popular online games can be viewed as bridges to help South Koreans to communicate with Chinese.wcg_korea_2010_4807dd5b36a1948a48c0cf1cc1e617_p1_mk1

In the modern society, online games have obtained increasing popularity both in South Korea and China. A famous game-rating website Gamenote had released an online game ranking in January, which shown the top ten popular online games in South Korea in 2014. An AOS game Leagues of Legend was the most popular online game in the South Korea while this game was also one of the most popular games in China (Most Popular Online Game Rankings in South Korea in 2014, 2015).

0 Since Leagues of Legend has gained its popularity in South Korea and China, national competitions of this game were held in the two countries. Chinese players and South Korean players could be viewed as the most competitive ones of this game so competitions between the two countries’ players were frequently held. The competitions help Chinese and South Koreans to conduct communications. Tips, skills, and experiences of this game were included in the communications. Also, Chinese and South Koreans can communicate their own cultures via the game competitions. In this way, cultural dissemination and communication could be effectively carried out.


Conduct the Propaganda of South Korean Culture

north-korean-single-hearted-unity-tank-runs-over-lee-myung-bak-and-us-soldierIn the contemporary era, globalization has experienced rapid expansion, which greatly integrates the world. Therefore, culture integration and communication of different countries and/or races are dramatically enhanced in the global village (Eriksen, 2007). In particular, the contemporary culture of South Korea is vastly disseminated around the world. For one thing, the propaganda of South Korean culture helps South Korea to improve its national status. For another, the dissemination of South Korean culture brings positive impact on the world’s cultural communication as well as integration. It is vital for South Korea to conduct the propaganda of its contemporary culture in a more effective way.

North Korean leader Kim Jong-un presides over an urgent operation meeting at the Supreme Command in Pyongyang

To begin with, the contemporary culture of South Korea should develop basing on the inheritance of traditional culture of Korea. For instance, traditional clothing, customs, and manners should be reflected in the development of contemporary culture of South Korea. In addition, South Korea should create and use cultural products (such as dramas, music, films, and literature) to carry and disseminate the contemporary culture of South Korea. Specifically, the positive sides of contemporary culture of South Korea should be shown to the global audiences via cultural products. Last but not least, South Korea can make use of social media to conduct propaganda of contemporary culture. Cultural products can be sent via social media, such as Cyworld, Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram.Sony Hack Theaters