The Oversea Development of Hyundai Motor Company in China


It is well known that the Hyundai Motor Company serves as a South Korean automobile manufacturer that headquartered in Seoul. In the modern society, the company has become the world’s fourth biggest automobile manufacturer. The company was established in 1967. In particular, the company has paid high attention to its oversea expansion as well as development. That is to say, the company fully concentrates on its transnational business, from manufacturing to selling. For instance, the company has recruited more than 75,000 employees all around the world. In addition, the company sells its vehicles products in about 193 nations via six thousand dealerships as well as showrooms.

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In the early 21st century, the Hyundai Motor Company spared great efforts to expand its operation in the Asian market. Specifically, the company mainly targeted at the Chinese market as the growth of Chinese economy increased rapidly.


In 2002, Hyundai decided to cooperate with Beijing Automobile Industry Holding Co. so as to open its path to the Chinese market. As a consequence, Beijing Hyundai Motor was established, which realized the joint venture with Beijing Automotive Group. Along with the rapid growth of Chinese economy, Beijing Hyundai Motor had sold about 700,000 passenger vehicles in 2010. In order to attract more consumers, Beijing Hyundai Motor cooperated with South Korean starts in product promotions. For instance, a famous actor Lee Min Ho was invited by Hyundai so as to promote the new ‘Veloster’ in the Chinese market. Undoubtedly, Beijing Hyundai Motor will develop rapidly in the future.