Rapidly Develops of South Korean Movie


There is no doubt that South Korean movie takes up a significant position in the global movie industry. In particular, South Korean movie has gained it global popularity since the early 1990s. Nowadays, South Korean movie makes great contributions to the economy growth of South Korea.


There are lots of factors that positively fueling the development of South Korean movie. As a matter of fact, South Korean government has spared great efforts to develop its movie industry. In particular, the government has established protective policies ‘Screen Quota’ to ensure the production of South Korean movies. According to the ‘Screen Quota’ policy, South Korean movies should be screened more than 146 days in domestic cinemas. In addition, South Korean televisions need to show a certain number of South Korean movies. According to the former president Kim Dae Jung, South Korean movies should hold more than 40% of total market share in the domestic market. In this way, the government’s policies and relevant principles effectively ensure the production as well as development of South Korean movie.



In the meanwhile, South Korean movie industry has abundant funds and other financial supports. In fact, most corporations are very willing to make investments to the production of South Korean movie. As a consequence, the movie producers or corporations have enough money for the movie’s production as well as promotion. Also, the domestic banks will provide positive loan plans for the movie producers or corporations. In other words, the producers and corporations are able to receive enough budgets easily with the bank’s positive loan plans.