Korean Artists Target at Oversea Market

According to South Korean media, it is estimated that the entertainment industry of South Korea (including K-dramas, films, and artist’s performances) had gained more than 0.9 billion USD from the oversea market in the year of 2011. In particular, the total revenue of 2011 had twice increased comparing with the one of 2010.kpop-groups-at-m-countdown-hello-japan-press-conference-photos

In fact, a great number of companies in the South Korean entertainment industry target at oversea market, such as Japan and China. Specifically, most South Korean artists continue their career in Japan. For instance, Girls Generation and Kara attended the NHK Kouhaku Uta Gassen in Japan last year. The NHK Kouhaku Uta Gassen is the most important event in the field of J-pop music. As usual, foreign singers can not attend this event unless they are very famous all around the world.453467272

In recent years, it seems that an increasing number of South Korean artists will make their first appearance in Japan as well. In order to have better development in Japanese market, most South Korean entertainment corporations export K-dramas, films, and K-pop music to the Japanese entertainment industry. In addition, most South Korean corporations will hold more concerts or fans meeting in Japan. What is more, a great number of South Korean corporations encourage their artists to study and practice Japanese. In this way, South Korean artists can develop their career in Japan more effectively. For one thing, South Korean artists are able to receive more performance opportunities in Japan. In addition, they can better communicate with their Japanese fans.



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